Project Description

Brandons BBQ & Grille Soup of the Day


$6 Brandon’s Soup of the Day

  • Soup is good food. Really. Campbells sez.

  • Served in bowls with spoons cause plates n’ forks would suck.

  • Crackers on request. Kidding. Everyone gets em.

  • Bacon & Cheese Pictured

Brandon’s  BBQ & Grille makes soup! Really we make it all, fresh daily, and the soup you’ll get could be any one of our chef’s amazong creations.

Just Some of Our Soups

Tomato Basil –  Roasted Red Pepper – Tomato Bisque – Clam Chowder – Crab Chowder – French Onion Loaded Potato – Roasted Corn and Potato – Corn Chowder